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Special Computer Restriction

1.     The defendant shall disclose all e-mail accounts, Internet connections and Internet connection devices, including screen names and passwords, to the probation officer; and shall immediately advise the probation officer of any changes in his or her e-mail accounts, connections, devices, or passwords.
2.     The probation officer shall have authority to monitor all computer activity, to include all e-mail or Internet connections, to include but not limited to installation of remote monitoring software. Unless waived by the probation officer, the cost of remote monitoring software shall be paid by the defendant.
3.     The defendant shall not access any on-line service using an alias, or access any on-line service using the Internet account, name, or designation of another person or entity; and report immediately to the probation officer access to any Internet site containing prohibited material.
4.     The defendant is prohibited from using any form of encryption, cryptography, stenography, compression, password-protected files or other methods that limit access to, or change the appearance of, data and/or images.
5.     The defendant is prohibited from altering or destroying records of computer use, including the use of software or functions designed to alter, clean or "wipe" computer media, block monitoring software, or restore a computer to a previous state.
6.     If instructed, the defendant shall provide all personal and business telephone records and credit card statements to the probation officer.