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Building Security


The main objective of the Court Security Officers is to maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone in the building. They need everyone's cooperation in order to achieve this very important goal.

Photo I.D.

Due to recent heightened security, everyone entering the Federal Building must present photo identification.

Metal Detectors

When you enter the courthouse you will have to go through the metal detectors that are staffed by the Court Security Officers. In order for this to be an efficient process, please be aware of the following guidelines:

No weapons of any type are allowed.

No knives, scissors, or anything with a cutting edge may be brought into the building.

Cameras are allowed to be used in certain areas (please see below for more information).

Please remove jewelry (watches, large earrings, etc.) before proceeding through the metal detector. Place these items in your bag or place them on the tray provided by the CSO before you go through the metal detector. This will save you time and prevent you from having to be scanned a second time with a hand-held wand.

Cell telephones, pagers, portable electronic games, portable lap top computers, Palm Pilots, etc., are permitted in the courthouse, but MAY NOT be used in a Courtroom or Jury room without judicial approval. These items are subject to a security inspection.

NO aerosol containers (hair spray, shaving cream, etc.) are permitted.

These procedures are conducted for purposes of everyone's safety. Please be patient. Cooperation is the key to maintaining a secure atmosphere for everyone in the building.

Individuals with pacemakers or cochlear implants may request screening via a hand-held wand upon presenting the Court Security Officer with a letter which identifies the condition from the doctor who performed the implant.

Cameras & Recording Equipment

You are permitted to bring a camera into the Courthouse for a naturalization proceeding. Otherwise, cameras are only permitted upon judicial approval.