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Finance Condition

1.     The defendant shall maintain a checking account in the defendant's name and deposit into this account all income, monetary gains or other pecuniary proceeds, and make use of this account for payment of all personal expenses. All other     bank accounts must be disclosed to the probation officer.
2.     The defendant shall not make application for any loan or enter into any credit arrangement, without first consulting with the probation officer.
3.     The defendant shall disclose all assets and liabilities to the probation officer. The defendant shall not transfer, sell, give-away, or otherwise convey any asset, without first consulting with the probation officer.
4.     If the defendant owns or maintains interest in any profit or nonprofit entity, you shall, upon request, surrender and/or make available for review, any and all documents and records of said profit or nonprofit entity to the probation officer.
5.     The defendant shall, upon request of the probation officer, complete a personal financial affidavit and authorize release of any and all financial information, to include income and tax return records, by execution of a Release of Financial Information form, or by any other appropriate means.