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Our Mission

It is the mission of the United States Probation Office in the Northern District of Oklahoma to serve the community at large, the Court, and the United States, with honor and integrity. We will execute this mission by facilitating the fair administration of justice, protecting the public, and promoting the just and impartial treatment of defendants and offenders throughout all phases of the system.  

This mission will be accomplished by:
-     Providing the Court with thorough, accurate, and objective investigations, reports and recommendations to base bond and sentencing decisions;
-     Protecting the community by monitoring defendants and offenders under supervision; and
-     Passionately cultivating long term positive change in the lives of individuals under supervision by utilizing the resources available to address their needs.

We embrace these ideals by displaying a commitment to the mission and treating everyone with dignity and respect.  Finally, we will be responsible and accountable, effective stewards of public resources, and promote fairness and excellence in service.